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How to fly

Shared Ownership

Sharing a plane allows you to pay less, reduce costs and have the same flight experience.

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How it works?

Own the Benefits of Private Aircraft

When you purchase “Shared Ownership”, you are buying flight hours on a specific aircraft. The fraction that you pay determines the quantity of available hours throughout the year.

Advantages of the Offer

We take care of the flight operation through our Aircraft Operator´s Certificate (AOG). Additionally, we can provide our own exterior design, so you fly with complete privacy as the aircraft could be under Aviasur’s image.

Aircraft Management

Just organize your agenda to fly when you want. We will take care of everything so your plane is ready for departure.

Pilot Pool

We manage a team of pilots to ensure your safety and experience in every flight. We hire and train in compliance to international standards, with recurrent training and simulator hours specific to each type of aircraft.

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