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Aircraft Maintenance Center

Authorized Service Facility (ASF) Textron Aviation

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First certifications and renewal of airworthiness

Complying with the regulations, we deliver certifications for new aircraft as well as annual renewals of aircraft operating privately or commercially.

Maintenance, program and contingencies

We offer preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer and aeronautical authorities. We detect, analyze and solve discrepancies. We are fully trained to offer a complete service of your plane on land.

Mobile maintenance unit

Our comprehensive service includes a fully equipped vehicle to meet any technical unforeseen within the Chilean territory. We have an information system that allows us to download any technical documentation, control of maintenance records and certifications. In this way, you can relax and fly safely.

Modification of aircraft

Committed to our customers, we offer possibilities to improve the performance of aircraft. Our experience has managed to define strategic alliances that allow us: Avionics Modifications – Re motorization – Aircraft improvements such as winglets, propellers, etc. – Installation of safety elements (parachutes) – Improvement of cabin comfort.

Professionals at your service

Our team of engineers and mechanics have vast experience and technical knowledge. Trained in authorized international centers and certified before the national authority. Enabled to offer the service to the entire Cessna, Beechcraft and Hawker fleet in Chile (DGAC) and Argentina (ANAC) as well as the entire airplane lines with US registration (FAA).

Accessories and spare parts

We have a Comex department focused on the direct import of parts from the manufacturer or authorized dealers ensuring efficiency and reducing delivery time so that your plane is flying safely as soon as possible.


Our ASF has the capability to offer maintenance and modification of avionics under the approval of the DGAC. Aircraft Structure, Radios, Computer Systems, Instruments and Specialized Services.

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